Taking Logistics To a new level

Gone are the days when users were paying hefty fees to carriers. GIV24 sets a new level of modern carriage services.

About us

Make A difference

Usually, logistics companies have a blank spot in customer-carrier connections. Our main goal in GIV24 is to break these old rules to create something comfortable for both clients and carriers. We offer free, boundless service that hopefully will change the way people use logistics.


GIV24 uses an accelerating policy for constant quality and service improvement.

Reliable Transportation

Our 3rd party logistics company provides intuitive, safe transportation services.

Web Portals

Useful web service for both drivers and customers.

Data Analytics

We are constantly improving delivery time and routes using advanced analytics.

Warehousing & Distribution

GIV24 provides

End-To-End Support

We provide full support throughout the complete lifecycle of your delivery.

Sales Force

A small river named Duden flow by their place and supplies with the necessary

We offer Fast & Reliable service at your doorstep.

Send a request today and make the first shipment tomorrow.